Best Baby Carrier for Baby Wearing

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So I wanted to share about this baby carrier because I love it so much. Especially now that they make matching ones for your little ones baby doll!!!

It’s called the ERGO Baby Carrier and it’s one of the strongest ones I’ve come across. My baby was a super chunk and it broke my back carrying her around in the front. I needed a goo back carrier that I knew she was going to be safe in and comfortable for me to wear. A girlfriend of mine turned me on to the ERGO and I went out and bought one pretty much right after that!

The shoulder and waist straps are thick and comfy. You can wear it in the front, in the back and the side.  And it’s got cute accessories the clip on for easy access. They also have a comfy insert for your newborns!

For those of you that baby wear all the time you know the little monkeys tend to fall asleep all the time. The ERGO has a sleeping hood that tucks into a pocket in the back that holds your babies head up and blocks out the light!

The ERGO comes with a great DVD that teaches how to use your ERGO properly and safely. The features on the ERGO are what drew me to it. The main one being the weight limit. It’s 40lbs! But it’s been tested up to 90lbs! That’s WELL into toddlerhood. And my baby has been at 30lbs since before her first birthday.

So that’s the ERGO, in a nutshell, but I Love it. Here is my last photo though of the Baby Doll carrier. SO CUTE!!!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Girl, I have never seen you use this once! lol. You need to pull it out and get to using it again! I still go back and forth on buying one.


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