Best Educational S.T.E.A.M. Gifts

When we do toy reviews on this site, they generally stick to items with a S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) focus. They challenge young minds in new ways with skills that can help them in life. Here are our favorite S.T.E.A.M. gifts for kids.

Best Mobile Microscope for Kids – uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet ReviewThis is one of our favorite items on the list. The mobile microscope is great for kids to explore everything in their world with a mobile phone or tablet. Science on the go is now easier than ever with the uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet. The kit is perfect for curious kids and science teachers (and the occasional nerdy parent like us). It comes with everything you need to discover the world around you through high and low magnification.

Disney Codeillussion –  The Codeillussion platform is one of the most advanced I’ve seen. It offers a story-driven way to learn some pretty awesome code techniques that I haven’t seen on other services.

As a parent, you know that real magic isn’t in a wand or mystical lamp – true magic lies in your child’s limitless potential. This limitless potential is so clear to see when it comes to technology.

But online coding courses for kids are often seen as too hard or boring. Thanks to the magic of Disney, your child will experience a new world of creativity and growth, all through the lens of programming.

MEL Science Kits – There are three kits to choose from, STEM, Physics, and Chemistry. The Chemistry kits are some of the coolest experiments I’ve seen. Everyone loves a good chemical reaction that makes you go ’Whoa!’

Yellow Scope: Art and Science Kit

This kit is a fun one because it mixes art with science in a fun way. Uncover the hidden colors in plants, art supplies, and candies! This one-of-a-kind science kit is chock-full of high-quality lab supplies for hundreds of exciting color-changing experiments. Kids will have hours of fun revealing rainbows of color using a cool scientific technique called paper chromatography!

With art and creativity front and center, this kit will appeal to all kids, even those who might not realize they love science.

Mad Science Loop Lab Boxes 

There are six neat boxes to choose from like gross, spy, sensory, aqua, and energized science, as well as a structure and strength box. 

Pixicade Plus Mobile Game Maker

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker sets a new standard in both entertainment and learning.

There is an appeal for a wide spectrum of interests: kids that love drawing, kids that love video games, kids that like solving puzzles…they all are amazed at seeing their creations come to life! Parents love it because kids will actually put down their phones or tablets and pick up markers and paper. Kids love it because they can draw their own games, share them with their friends, and play them on their phone or tablet. Pixicade stores up to 800 games that you create.

The only thing more impressive than how innovative Pixicade is would be how extremely easy it is to use. Kids get to draw a picture of an idea for a video game using colored markers and real paper. Then, using the Pixicade app available for iOS and android, all that is needed is to snap a pic of the piece of paper! From there, the image is brought to life as an actual video game that can be played on a phone or tablet! The app only requires a camera and an internet connection. (iOS 9.0 and up, android 6.0 and up)

BYJU’s FutureSchool Discover the Gifts of Music – We can’t forget the arts part of S.T.E.A.M. learning. BYJU’S FutureSchool is unlocking its 4 entry-level music classes for adults and kids for $1 during the month of December. This December, begin your musical journey and learn the fundamentals of guitar or piano with BYJU’s FutureSchool’s private, virtual music lessons! A sister company to Osmo and Epic, BYJU’s FutureSchool’s interactive online learning platform offers classes in music, coding, and math. 

Each music class is taught by a private instructor who provides personalized attention in a one-on-one setting, where students can learn the building blocks of music, master technical skills, and compose their own songs. The kids (ages 6-17) introductory courses utilize proprietary technology, so no instrument is required to participate. 

Piano Lessons

Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
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