Best Quotes from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

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The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is streaming on Disney+ now. The movie had our whole family rolling laughing because we are such Star Wars fans. Here are some of our favorite quotes from LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. 

This post contains spoilers. 

LEGO Rey hands LEGO Finn the wooden lightsaber Holiday Special

Well, it’s kinda hard with the, you know, looking at me. – LEGO Finn (Porgs screams!)

The Jedi texts says that when we travel down a wrong path, we must search for another. – LEGO Rey

The new path gave me a splinter. – LEGO Finn

Chewie’s entire family is coming. And if there’s one thing Wookiees love, it’s well, it’s ripping arms off things, but if there’s two things they love, it’s arm ripping and parties! – LEGO Poe Dameron

So, not a tip-yip recipe? – LEGO Rose Tico

Life Day is about family It’s not about the tip-yip. – LEGO Finn Oh, it’s all about the tip-yip. (Rose smacks him) But yeah, family.– LEGO PoeLEGO Poe Dameron in Holiday sweater

Master Yoda. The blood is really starting to rush to my head. – LEGO Luke Skywalker

Best line in LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special! 

Isn’t trying, like, a good thing? -LEGO Luke

Participation trophies for Jedi, there are not. -LEGO Yoda

Engine thruster roasting. Cooks Super fast! – LEGO Poe

I’ve got a good feeling about this. -LEGO ReyLEGO Rey pops in on Obiwan and Anakin in the elevator

I *am* focused, Master – LEGO Anakin

“Death Star Two” feels kind of derivative. How about “Starkiller Base?”– LEGO Darth Vader

Of course, I’m the galaxy’s best Emperor! I’m the galaxy’s only Emperor! Meh! – LEGO Emperor Palpatine 

Hey! I had to hit every gift shop on Batuu to find you that. – LEGO Vader

Who’s up for party games? – LEGO Poe

You dare contradict me? I’m in charge here. – LEGO Vader 1 No I’m in charge! – LEGO Vader 2

Impressive. – LEGO Vader 1 Most Impressive – LEGO Vader 2 BOTH: You are me! LEGO The Child and the Mandalorian

(Cooing) – The Child Aww! – LEGO Darth Vader So cute – LEGO Rey

Sometimes it feels like we’re the same person. – LEGO Stormtroopers BOTH: Podracers, don’t see those every day. JINX! OH! Double JINX! 

ALL THREE LEGO Obiwan Kenobi’s: Hello there. 

Oonta goota, Solos? – LEGO Greedo You wanna shoot first? – Older LEGO Han Solo After you. – Young LEGO Han SoloLEGO Vader and his son

LEGO Rey: Master Skywalker

LEGO Vader: My son! I mean…My, these binary Suns, um…sure are hot. 

Who’s Supreme Leader? I’m Supreme Leader. Do a little dance now. Supreme Leader, Supreme Leader– LEGO Kylo Ren

Supreme Leader, we’ve prepared the…Shirts. I mean, ships to head to the pectoral locations. PLATOON! Platoon locations across the midriff. RIM, rim! For the..Navel…NAVY! Nv…Know what? I’ll come back later – LEGO General HuxLEGO Kylo Ren with no shirt and General Hux

Boy, do I have a story to tell you. -LEGO Kylo You think maybe you could put a shirt on before you tell it? (SHUDDERS) – LEGO Palpatine 

(LEGO Kylo puts on mask) Oh, that’s original! – LEGO Vader

Please be a cape, please be a cape. – LEGO Lando. It’s a wrap! – LEGO Arkbar

Uh, not to point out the obvious, but sending Vader down to the Forest Moon above Endor to get Skywalker sets off the exact chain of events that ends with Vader picking you up and chucking you down a reactor shaft. (looks at camera) And there’s no coming back from that.– LEGO KyloLEGO Yoda Force Ghost

From failure, we can learn. Learn to be a better student or better teacher. -LEGO Yoda

All living things, the Force connects. In connection, strength we find. An happen, great things can. – LEGO YodaLEGO Rey and Luke

Less talky-talky, more fighty-fighty! Destroy them! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! DARK SIDE!- LEGO Palpatine

(The key rushes past LEGO Kylo Ren into LEGO Rey’s hand) I really should have seen that coming. – LEGO Kylo

Good will always triumph over evil. – LEGO ReyLEGO Palpatine change of heart

“Galaxy’s Best Emperor.” (SCOFFS) Huh. This is actually pretty thoughtful. Why was I so mean about it? In fact, why am I always so mean? (GASPS) It’s a Life Day miracle! Oh that’s it. That’s is! From now on, no more Dark Side! No more ruling the galaxy! Ol’ Sheevy Palpatine is gonna change his way. (SPLAT) – LEGO Palpatine

Oh my! Snow on Kashyyk. Why the odds of this happening are…– LEGO Threepio

A time of joy. Of friendship. Of family. All of this, Life Day is. And a happy one, I wish you. – LEGO Yoda

LEGO Holiday Special Yoda Sweater



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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