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I have a secret, we love Tiny Love toys. My love for started when we got Harry Hippo in a Citrus Lane box that I got one month. They have a fantastic line of toys for the little ones. With bright colors and sounds to keep them entertained their whole line is a great addition to your child’s toy collection.

We received the Musical Stack & Ball Game from Tiny Love and my Lil’ Peanut loves it. Actually my 5-year-old loves playing together with her sister. She shows her how to stack or drop the ball in. She gets the best giggles out of her.

At 6-9 months she plays with the balls, holding them in her hand and shaking them to hear the fun rattling sound. Also the same with the rings that stack. Now she is 9 months and she is sitting up by herself and crawling around she can gather the pieces and stack the rings. She has also mastered putting the jingly balls into the top of the elephant which causes it to light up and make noise!

I think her favorite part about the Musical Stack & Ball Games are the balls. They really are like a jingly rattle so they get shacked around a lot. I think two of them have gone missing because they were thrown in a fury of giggles. The ones that do survive get baths on a regular basis.

This toy is a great “good as you grow” toy. When they are little they can just play with the pieces and then as they get older and their motor skills improve they will be able to play the game more. Toys that grow are tops on my list. Tiny Love has the best line of travel toys as well. I mentioned before that we have the cutest little Hippo that hangs on what you want with a claw hook. I put it on the stroller so that she can play with it while we walk. When she pulls it down it vibrates and it makes her laugh every time. For only $7 its a great find when you’re traveling back and forth with family and friends for the holidays.

Check out everything Tiny Love has to offer!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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