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This is a letter to myself for the Blog Forward challenge from Zone Perfect. Although they have sent me product, all views are my own. As always. 

Boy this year went by fast, it’s hard to believe that Fall is now here! But it’s time to look back at my Blog Forward goals that I made at the beginning of the year and see how I’m doing with them. My three goals had to do with school and eating and eating at school. HA!

Let’s start with the first one, putting school before all work. This summer I decided to start taking classes online while both kids were at home. Not a good idea and although I did put school first and kept up with all my classes, everything else went to hell. My house was a complete wreck, blog posts weren’t being written and I was very tired. So tired and backed up that I had to take this semester off to play catch up. I knew that I had conferences lined up with a trip to Cancun and lots writing to pay for those trips. I had a near panic attack when I hit the withdraw button but I know now that it was something I needed to do. Having a work – life balance is pretty much nonexistent. Throw in being a student and just try not to have a massive break down. That’s how I felt, that I was on the brink of a break down. I still plan on going back to school I just needed to catch up on everything else. Including my family, especially my family.

The second goal was to eat better and not hit drive-thrus when I’m at school. Which doesn’t really apply anymore because I’m no longer taking classes on campus but rather online. I don’t leave my house much now so I’ve been eating much better since I’m not having to run around town going to and from schools and home. 

The last one was about better snacking which I go through peaks of doing good and right now I’m at a low point. You can’t blame me for hormonal snacking! Pretzel sticks and Nutella are the best. Who am I kidding, Nutella and everything is awesome. But I do still reach for my ZonePerfect bars when I’m out and about. I keep them in my purse.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve failed at my goals I’ve just had to shift them from what they were. I’m still happy with my progress though. How do you recharge your goal or resolutions?

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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