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I love babywearing. It keeps your sweet baby close. But what I love most about it is the freedom of hands-free baby travel! My favorite part of a new baby is the way that they cuddle on your chest. Having a preemie I’m able to do this much longer because she is so tiny. Babywearing is a great form of kangaroo care as well. So I wanted to find a great wrap that allowed me to do all this with her. Unfortunately, my other carrier is not Preemie or newborn friendly so I wanted something that I could use and be extra comfy in as well.

There are lots of different ways to wear your baby. Slings, wraps and the kind that look like backpacks. I’ve tried a few of them. Slings were very uncomfortable to me because it didn’t seem to evenly distribute the baby’s weight on my back. It was like carrying a super heavy purse (this was my chunky JaMonkey way back when). I already have a big bulky backpack type one but like I had mentioned my tiny little Peanut doesn’t fit in it at all.

So I wanted to try the wrap. So far I LOVE IT!  It’s so comfortable. The fabric is breathable cotton that has some stretch to it. When I first unfolded it I thought there was going to be a lot of excess hanging around but it actually fits perfectly. I’m still plus sized so that was another plus for me, it fits with room to spare.

The Boba Wrap comes with fantastic directions with big pictures on how to properly wear your wrap. I’ve been wearing it every day since it arrived. It allows me to hold her hands free around the house while doing laundry, dishes or making lunch. She is right on my chest so all her weight is right in the middle.

If you love babywearing you need a wrap. The reason I decided to try the Boba wrap instead of others was because of the fabric. It is stronger and has that stretch to it so it doesn’t sag when you put your baby in it. Which means that the Boba wrap is going to last much longer than others as your baby gets bigger.

Now if I could just wrap Hubby up to try it out. Men wearing babies are super sexy.


Boba Wrap and Boba Carrier

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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