Breakout the Spring Dresses

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This spring fashion is all about the color, the more bold the better! Putting together outfits can be difficult, finding just the right shoes, the perfect accessories and creating the perfect look is no easy task. Follow some of these pointers to help when trying to put together the best look in your closet, and while shopping for your spring and summer wardrobe.


Pretty in Pink Eliza J Dresses

  • Jewelry –  Jewelry is a must have for any outfit. The right necklace can make or break your outfit for that day. When shopping for accessories, you want to go bold, but keep it neutral. With necklaces and bracelets, pick out statement pieces that will match more than one item in your closet. For necklaces its best to go with gold and silver, those will match most items. Bracelets should have a bit more color, but still be designed in a way that it could be worn for more than one event and with more than one outfit. For example, if you have a pink dress, pick out a style that has pink, as well as some other neutral colors such as black and white so that it could be worn with many other styles as well.
  • Shoes – Shoes are important to say the least. They are the easiest item to clash with an outfit, but also one of the easiest to match with outfits. Stick to base colors when it comes to shoes, multicolored shoes might not make it easy to wear them with a variety of tops. For a fresh spring look go with something like silver glitter pumps. Not only will they go with any dress you own, but they will also add a pop of sparkle to your outfit. If you aren’t into the bold glitter look or you aren’t a fan of heels at all, try out something a bit on the toned down side with flats. Flats are easy to walk in, they will match many outfits style and they come in a variety of colors to choose from for your perfect fit.
  • Main Piece – Spring is about warm weather and flowers, the sun shines down and the grass turns green. Break out those dresses! It’s time to be free with style and start mixing up that wardrobe with skirts and dresses galore! See what your favorite brands have to offer this year and get working on finding those accessories to match. The vintage prints are in such as stripes, polka dots and floral prints. Embrace your inner patterns this spring!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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