Bring On the Backyard BBQ’s

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The last few years we’ve started hosting a lot of backyard BBQ’s with our friends. After not seeing some of them for years because life gets in the way, it has been so great reconnecting with them. We like to do it potluck style, and each person brings a dish, but we are always at our house because we have a fenced in backyard. We also have a fire pit in the backyard.

My husband has been close with his friends since he was a boy. They have been through everything together and made sure to nurture their friendship over the years. While I do have friends that I’ve known that long, we aren’t as close as these guys are. It’s something I’ve always admired about their group of friends, and I’m so glad to be included in that group now. I’ve met some great people, and we always have such a great time during our backyard BBQ’s. Which why we end up hosting impromptu ones even more, especially now that it’s summertime.img_7228.jpg

While I’m terrible at planning what to eat each time we get together, we’ve even forgotten to cook it sometimes; I could plan one thing this summer. After trying every candle, spray, and home remedy to keep the bugs off, we decided to treat the yard for mosquitoes to make the evening more enjoyable. We did it a couple of years ago when mosquito season was awful, and meteorologists are predicting another scorching summer, so we can expect another strong mosquito year. Before I had the yard treated we experienced a night that left us all huddled around the fire pit to avoid them. Since we had Orkin come out and treat the yard (and some of the neighbors), we’ve been able to enjoy, not only our backyard BBQ’s, but the girls have been playing with their water toys a lot this summer.  Photo May 28, 7 36 09 PM 

Some species of mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, and West Nile virus. Plus we have dogs, so there is added danger for heartworms. There are other ways to fight the mosquitoes, like using insect repellant with DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus, or wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants. But we live in the South. It’s too hot for that! Make sure you’re eliminating standing water too from places like gutters, birdbaths, and those water toys all the kids love. Spraying the yard for mosquitoes has been the best option for our family. It is like we’ve created a bubble around our house. I don’t have to smother the kids in spray, then light citronella or start a fire to enjoy being outside this summer. It’s so nice.

We look forward to lots of backyard get-togethers this year and no bugs are going to stop that.
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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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