Build Your Own Touchscreen Computer – Kano Review

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The Kano Computer Touch is one of the coolest S.T.E.M. toys I have ever seen. Your kids can build their own tablet and then use it for loads of fun activities like coding, games, art, and more. I’ve been a huge fan of Kano products since first being introduced to them with the Pixel Light Kit. The concept that Kano has mastered is creating products that teach kids how to build the technology that they can then play with for a long time.

Kano Computer Building Kit
Thanks to Kano for sending us the Kano Computer Kit to review. All opinions are my own.

This computer uses a Raspberry Pi 3 as the brain of the computer and allows for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a speaker, microphone, and rechargeable battery inside that will last for three continuous hours of play. Kano creates building instructions that not only teach your child to build the computer but also teach your child about the working parts. It gives them a thorough understanding of the technology. If you miss a step, it won’t work. The same goes for the code that they learn. It’s a great learning experience before they even turn it on to play the educational games. Kano Build Your Computer

After your kids are done connecting everything to the motherboard, the computer is then placed inside of a clear backing so that you can continue to see the inner workings of the tablet your kids just built. The back of the tablet houses a wireless keyboard that connects with a dongle, and the keyboard has a built-in trackpad. If your kids aren’t into the clear backing, Kano includes lots of stickers for decorating the outside.Kano Tablet

The screen is a 10.1″ HD touchscreen. I love that Kano really thinks of everything for this tablet also with a removable 16GB Mini SD card. This allows kids to download lots of their favorite games like Minecraft, YouTube, Code Academy and more. Kano Apps

One of the best aspects of the Kano Computer Kit is that you can use the coding program to code other Kano products like the Pixel Light Kit and the Harry Potter Coding Wand. When we starting coding the Pixel Light, we became apart of the Kano Community that allows makers to share their codes, creations, and more with others. We can download and save someone else’s work and show or play it on our kits. It’s a great way for kids to showcase their work with their peers.


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The Kano website is a great resource for parents that need to find help for the devices. They also offer a warranty on the tablet if something isn’t working properly.

If your kids love building and looking inside the inner workings of their technology, then I highly suggest the Kano Computer Kit. As a kid that loved taking things apart and driving my parents crazy, I would have loved this as a kid. Heck, I had fun building it with my kid!

Learn more about the Kano Computer Kit here.

Build Your Own Touchscreen Computer - Kano Review

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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