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Post Cereal sent us their C is for Cereal to try out, and Lil’ Peanut couldn’t wait to tear into them. This toddler LOVES her cereal. She’s just like her Mom in that regard. We normally have some every morning. We pair it with others things like yogurt and fruit. She loved this cereal just as I thought she would. It’s a very light cereal, almost bland so it isn’t something adults would probably like but the little ones tear it up. Which is a great thing because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It uses natural flavorings instead of artificial ones and 2/3’s of your toddler daily whole grains!


It comes in three flavors and each flavor features a different Sesame Street character. 

  • Cookie Monster – B is for Bananas
  • Big Bird – S is for Strawberry
  • Elmo – A is for Apple

There is really only a hint of the flavors in the cereal which made me look at the nutrition label because you could tell instantly that it isn’t packed with sugar. The sugars was only 1g! That’s crazy low for a kids cereal! I’m happy to serve her cereal that isn’t covered in sugar and packed with artificial flavors and coloring!C is for CerealFind out more about Post’s Sesame Street C is for Cereal and the nutritional information on their website. 


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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