Can Mr. Clean Just Do the Whole Job For Me? Please #MrCleanMorePower

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I hate cleaning, with a passion. I mean who really likes to clean? Sure that re people that clean a lot but I don’t honestly believe for one minute that they like getting on their hands and knees to scrub pee of the floor. So I generally save all my heavy cleaning of one day. Normally that occurs on a weekend when my husband can help keep an eye on my kids or at least help me. It helps to get things done faster and all at once. 


The bathroom is on my least favorite places to clean list. My kids shred toilet paper all over the floor. There are toothpaste mounds in and around the sink. My husband has trouble finding the bowl in the morning when he is sleep walking into the bathroom. Needless to say the bathroom is not my favorite place. Especially to clean. When I walk in I always look at Mr. Clean and ask if he will just do the job for me like he does in the commercials. Sometimes I wish my bathrooms were set up like professional kitchens. With drains in the floor and a water hose that I could spray everything down with. 


Unfortunately, Mr. Clean doesn’t leap out of the bottle to help me clean but I do use his Liquid Muscle to scrub my house down. I got the green bottle which it has Gain in it so you know it smells amazing. That’s why it’s perfect for my dirty bathrooms. The scent makes it an almost pleasant experience. I was able to put it in my mop bucket to clean the floors and bathtub. Then I use it on a sponge to clean the surfaces around the bathroom. It’s concentrated to you can get a good deep clean. 

What rooms in your house do you hate cleaning? 

Photo credit: Cat Sidh, seanomatopoeia


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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