Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament/Gift Topper

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You can’t go wrong with cute candy cane holders that look like Christmas trees! These would be great for a party or school gathering.

Here is what you’ll need.

Felt Sheets
Stars (either printed and cut out, or simply cut out from construction paper, foam, etc.
Jewels, beads, charms, or other assorted “ornaments”
Candy Canes


Place a candy cane on a piece of felt to get a rough estimate of how large the Christmas tree should be. The candy cane “trunk” should be hanging off the edge of the felt by about an inch.

Cut out a rectangle outside of the candy cane (mine was approximately 4 x 5 inches)
Take the piece of felt and fold it in half and cut out the shape of a Christmas tree.

With the felt still folded, cut 6 slits down the middle of the Christmas tree as shown. There should be three sets of 2 slits – only large enough to allow the candy cane to fit through.

Once the tree is cut and candy cane fits through nicely, remove it to glue on the “ornaments”

You want most of the candy cane to be behind the tree.

Ornaments can consist of colorful jewels, charms, beads, etc. Use school colors for the jewels, favorite team colors, add the giftee’s favorite hobbies to the tree in charm/bead form – such as little footballs, ballerina shoes, beach theme, etc.

I hope you enjoy making these with your family or school!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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