Capturing a Great Family Photo with Loveworks Photography

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Capturing my family in a natural photo is hard. When I ask my oldest daughter to smile I normally get a scowl. I’l also a fan of more candid shots instead of “studio” pictures. So when Stephen of Loveworks Photography asked me to test out his 90 Minutes of Awesome session I jumped all over it.

JaMonkey Park

The only family photos we have are when the baby was first born, so they don’t capture any personality and a lot of them were in the hospital. So I choose the most beautiful park in Atlanta, Piedmont Park, as our backdrop.

Meghan Cooper

I hate taking pictures. Because I’m always unhappy with the way I view myself, but this is my new favorite picture. I think it captures my beauty and hides all my flaws. Plus, Peanut looks like she’s giving you the serious stare down.

Peanut JaMonkey Sisters

Capturing their sweet love for each other always ends in a blur. But these are the moments I cherish every day. See them smile and laugh with one another.

jamonkey Sister

We just let the girls play and walk around. Stephan followed us and captured some amazing shots. It was nice not having to worry about anything. I didn’t feel rushed to get done before time was up. It was completely natural (except the dude with the camera following us:). Stephen gave great suggestions as well as took to my suggestions as well. He was so friendly to work with that the girls warmed up to him almost immediately. This is so important in capturing good photos.

I’ll be using Stephen from Loveworks Photography for all of our future family photos. He does a fantastic job. Having a great photographer will make it easier to remember to do a yearly family portrait. Kids change so much in such a short amount of time.

JaMonkey fans can get a 90 Minutes Of Awesome lifestyle session for $149 instead of $179 by using coupon code “liferocks” until the end of summer!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. OMG they are adorable. The photographer certainly captured their personalities. If I still lived up there I would jump at a chance to do this! I’ll share it with my friends who are still in the ATL.

  2. Amazing photos and I love the park setting. We went to Centennial Park for the first time this weekend and I thought it would also make a great spot for a family photo session. We need one badly!

  3. Piedmont Park is such a great setting, I’ve had many friends do their photos there. I LOVE the photo of you & peanut on the wall. You are beautiful, even if you think you have flaws – I don’t see them!!!!

  4. Meghan, you are so beautiful! Your family is just the cutest. I love these pictures! This is a good reminder that I need to have some taken, too. $149 is a really great price! Thank you for sharing this offer.

  5. Love them all! Family photos can be so stressful in a studio. The relaxed session is perfect! Does the photographer include digital rights to the photos?

  6. These photos are fantastic! It’s a real challenge for us to get great photos with the kids because they don’t like posing, they just want to play. Looks like this solves both problems!


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