Cars 3 Piston Cup Showdown Game Review

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We are keeping the Cars 3 love flowing with another fun game from Spin Master! This time we are reviewing the Cars 3 Piston Cup Showdown game and we are having a blast with this one. 

This game comes with two tracks that let you play as Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm. The object of the game is to race to the finish line, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s a fun game of red light / green light. 
Here is a video of us playing the game!

The tracks have a special groove in the center that catches the cars and helps to push them forward. When you see the green light, you press down on the “gas pedal” to make your car move forward. The more you tap the gas the faster your car will go. When you see the red light you have to stop moving. If you move on red you have to go back to the finish line and start over. What’s great about the game is that the length of time between each of the lights is always different. It might be a short green light or a long one, the game switches it up to make it more challenging. Here is a little hint to help you win faster. Stop pressing the pedal when you see the orange light. You’ll be less likely to hit the pedal when it turns red. It’s like a warning to slow down (just like real life).


We’ve been playing this game a LOT since we got it. The girls aren’t the only ones that are enjoying Cars 3 Piston Cup Showdown, my husband and I have also challenged the girls to a race. This is definitely a fun game for the family. 

Spin Master Games – Cars 3 toys are available now at Walmart and Toys”R”Us.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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