Celebrating an Amazing Year

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One year ago from the moment this post was published our world was scary, chaotic and changed forever.

From your unexpected delivery. 20130302-230338.jpg

After a month in the NICU due to being premature and with SVT you finally got to come home.

It became apparent that it was where you were meant to be. 20130302-230414.jpg

Getting lots of love from everyone. 20130302-230522.jpg

Out sweet Lil’ Peanut Princess20130302-230532.jpg

You made our family complete.20130302-230601.jpg

Your heart healed itself and you didn’t have to take any more medications.20130302-230629.jpg

But we knew how strong you were. That coming home was the best medicine for you despite how scared I was.



Your striking blue eyes and giggles lit up our world . 20130302-230734.jpg

Looking at you now you’d have no idea that you were born 2 months early.
We love you so much.


Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!SONY DSC

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. Aside from the heart issue, my oldest daughter had a start quite similar. With my second she was still four weeks early, but thankfully no NICU stay and she just celebrated her first birthday last week. What an amazing time to watch how much these babies change so quickly. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  2. Since I just recently started following your blog, I had no idea about your birth story. How unexpected, yet what a blessing that your little one is healthy and happy. She is Beautiful.


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