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Chambara is the latest edition to the Nintendo Sports world, and it’s already fans’ favorite sport in Spocco Square. Chambara is a sword battle that aims to knock your opponent off the platform.

Chambara is one of Squish’s favorite sports to play. She is so good that our matches only last a few seconds! She has mastered guarding and attacking the weak spots. I’ve been thinking about getting her a sword JoyCon controller grip! She even discovered a feature if you and your opponent end up in a draw.

If you have a draw after three rounds, a final round starts that lowers the outer rim of the deck, making the platform so small that it becomes a two-shot easy win because both players are so close to the edge.

Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara Draw Round

Read your opponent’s move, find the weak spot, and make your move in this combat sport. Choose from three types of swords, and wield two Joy-Cons to control two swords!

The trick to winning is first to deflect your opponent’s attacks calmly. Cross swords with your opponent to guard, and find the right time to counterattack. That’s not what Squish does, though. She starts hacking away at you the moment it says fight. Because it takes the character a moment to shake off the attack, it’s hard to get another swing in. You have to plan your blocking perfectly by angling your sword in the same direction.

Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling Brings the Family Fun

Each sword type has its own characteristics. Finding the sword that matches your playstyle would be the key to winning.

  • Sword – The power of a single blow is among the strongest.
  • Charge Sword – Guard, attacks to build up Energy and strike a special Charge Attack. (This is our favorite one to use because of the Charge Attack.
  • Twin Swords – Fight with two swords. Win over the match with a Spinning Strike. If you’re playing with two controllers, you can use Twin Swords.

We find ourselves nice and sore the following day after a good Chabara or Badminton match. The rest of the family needs to brush up on our sword skills if we want a chance to beat Squish.

Badminton and Tennis are other sports that get our hearts pumping and our back muscles in check. We had so much fun playing badminton together that we bought a set to play IRL this summer. There is a wicked heat wave right now, so playing Switch Sports inside in the AC is much more fun.

Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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