Chewy Han Solo Candy – Lando’s Millennium Falcon and Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite

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Chewy Han Solo Candy - Lando's Millennium Falcon and Han Solo Trapped in CarboniteToday we are making Chewy Han Solo Candy! But because we have to include Chewbacca and they are filled with caramel, they will be called ‘Chewie’ Han Solo Treats. My sister got me some super cute Star Wars silicone molds and I’ve been looking for any excuse to make something fun with them and the Solo movie is that perfect reason. We made Lando’s Millennium Falcon because it was his before Han won it in a card game. We are also going back old school with Han Solo trapped in carbonite. So let’s get making!

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Things you will need for these candies. 


Star Wars Silicone Molds – This set has a bunch of characters including the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo in Carbonite for this tutorial. 

White Candy Melts or White Chocolate – Just plain white is fine because we will tint it gray. 

Black Candy Melts – You are only going to need one or two chips to tint the white a gray color. If you’re using white chocolate you can tint with a tiny amount of black food coloring. 

Edible Color Markers – I used the Blue and the Black ones.

Wilton Silver Color Mist – This stuff is so cool and makes the Carbonite really shine!

Caramel Bits – You can use your favorite caramel sauce recipe or try the caramel bits that you melt and use. 

Puffed Rice or Rice Cakes – For the Millennium Falcon I used Caramel Rice Cakes (the bite-sized ones) because they fit perfect. 

Watch our video to see how we made them!

I melt my candy melts in the Wilton Candy Melting Pot, I’m currently obsessed with using it after destroying lots of candy melts in my time. I used White Candy Melts and a small amount of Black Candy Melt that I had left over from a previous recipe. You can also use White Chocolate if you prefer. Candy Melts are made to taste like vanilla (unless you get specifically flavored kinds), and they tend to be sweeter than chocolate. Either will work great though. You can use a touch of black food coloring in the chocolate to give it a gray look. 

I always suggest placing a little of the black into the melting pot a time. Then you can add more to get the desired gray color. 

I used caramel bits that I melted right in the bag. This was the first time I’ve used store bought caramel for a recipe so I haven’t used this a lot. It was a little thicker than I would like but you can thin it with milk and heavy cream. I like melting small batches in a piping bag because it’s less work and clean up. You can do this with candy melts as well. 

Coat but don’t fill the molds to create the first layer. Get the candy on the sides and into all of the cracks. Tap the mold on the table to make sure it gets into all of the spaces and gets any air bubbles out. Place the mold in the freezer to chill for a few minutes before adding the caramel and puffed rice. 

Pip the caramel into the mold. You only need a little because you don’t want it leaking out of the edge. Place the rice cake on top of the caramel and gently press to make sure it isn’t sticking out of the mold. Cover the caramel and rice cake with more candy melt. Tap on the table to get all along the sides and remove any bubbles. 

You will do that same for the Han Solo Carbonite mold as well. The little Han’s are too small for puffed rice but I did put caramel in the center. The big Han got some of the rice cake crumbled up inside. 

Place the molds in the fridge to harden and set. 

Pull the silicone mold at the edges to free the Millennium Falcon and the Han Solo’s. Pull them out slowly so that nothing on the shop breaks off. Now it’s time to decorate them. 

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, we get to see the Millennium Falcon when it was Lando’s. It’s still in pristine condition and even has a cape closet. It also has blue trim paint. When the Falcon becomes Han’s, the ship has red trim paint. I’m a fan of the clean blue look and these candies are in perfect condition so we are going with blue! 

I used a blue and black food writer to decorate the Millennium Falcon Candy. I did blue on certain parts on the top and the exhaust because it’s always bright blue when it’s jumping to hyperspace. I think they came out great! 

Place your Han Solo in carbonite candies on a piece of parchment paper. Spray them with Silver color mist to give them a bright shine. I did 2-3 coats and allowed them to dry between each spray. Try not to touch them until they are completely dry because you will leave fingerprints on them. 

I can’t get over how cute these little Han Solo’s are. The silver spray really makes them look like the real thing!Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite Candy

These Han Solo themed treats came out great and would be perfect for a Star Wars themed party! Chewy Han Solo Candy

Which Solo treat is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. Chewy Han Solo Candy


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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