Corky Gift Ideas for Every Fandom

I’m a sucker for everything geeky and fandom related. My husband is always looking for something good to get me to feed those fandoms too. But aside from wearing my nerd on graphic t-shirts all the time, I like to change it up and find new ways to share them.

Zombie Lover Gift Ideas

Zombie Cross-Stitch – Everything you need to stitch your brains out!

Every undead heart will be warmed by these gruesome and hilarious cross-stitch projects. Zombie Cross-stitch includes a 64-page book with an overview of basic techniques and instructions for creating a dozen cross-stitch patterns, plus all the materials needed to complete two projects. From baby bibs and pillow covers to office signs and door hangers, this light-hearted kit will inspire crafters to bring their favorite zombies into the land of the living.

Zombie hand for your planters  – Surprise your guests with a hand popping out of the plants around the house. I love this one because it’s kind of hidden, but when you see it it makes you giggle. zombie planter

Unique Disney Gift Ideas

Poison Apple Jewelry – This Etsy seller makes the best Funky Fandom Jewelry for all! Star Wars, Disney, Doctor Who, Zelda, and even Sharknado! Poison Apple Jewelry

Disney Crafting Books – There are a lot of fun ones. I loved the crochet and the paint by number sets! Disney Crafting Books

Sci-fi Gift Ideas

Star Wars Waffles – Whether you want a Death Star, BB-8, or Millenium Falcon for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a fun waffle maker (or toaster)!

Star Wars Galaxy Necklace – I love sharing my love of space especially when it involves Star Wars. I bought this necklace a few years ago because it has the planets and space crafts from the movie all drapped perfectly for your neck!  Star Wars Galaxy Necklace

Star Trek Cookie Cutters – Did you know you can 3D print just about anything!?  This shop is FILLED with all the geeky fandom cookie cutters you can think of. Star Trek Cookie Cutter

Fantasy Gift Ideas

Deathly Hallows Lamp – Aside from my obsession with geometric shapes, I have a love for the Wizarding World and other fantasy series. This lamp would be so much fun on my coffee table. 

Katniss Cowl – Unless your inner Katniss Everdeen with this cowl made to look like the one Jennifer Lawrence wore in the movie. 

Share Your Love Gift Ideas

Get your Pin on! Who doesn’t want a pin of Betty White on their collar!? Pins are a great way to share your fandoms in a mini way. You can find a pin from everything to music icons to movies, to characters, to avocados. That’s right, share your avocado love with the world! Betty White Pin

And the winner of all corky gifts goes to this amazing Jeff Goldblum sequin pillow. Who wouldn’t want to see that face while snuggling on the couch! Jeff Goldblum Pillow

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