Crafting at AR Workshop in Smyrna

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With the popularity of Pinterest and all the great do it yourself projects that you can find, it wasn’t long before a shop designed to make these fun projects would pop up. At AR Workshop you can make fun canvas and woodcraft projects for your home decor. 

I was invited to attend a private event for the brand new AR Workshop in Smyrna to make a great project. I decided to make a canvas sign to hang in my office. 

Here is a video of the fun project I made.

AR Workshop has everything you need to make a project. You can pick one of their designs or create your own, and they print the stencil before you arrive. For my project I made a sign that has feathers and a saying that reads, “Find your tribe, love them hard.” 

The workshop is also equipped with all the tools you will need for the project. Power tools for the wood projects, paint, sandpaper, and aprons and gloves if you’re worried about getting paint on you. AR Workshop Supplies

I loved that there is lots of great inspiration around the shop as well. I saw a bunch of designs I would love to have and make later! I also loved that the AR Workshop is themed to my favorite color! Everything was grey and teal. My hair was matching everything.My project started with lots of weeding of my design. I didn’t realize that feathers would take so long! It was well worth all the hard work though. I also sanded and painted the wood that would frame my design.

Then I started painting my design. I got some great tips from all the helpers at AR Workshop. They helped to make sure I had enough paint and guided me to make sure my project was just how I envisioned it. 

Which it absolutely was! I made the feathers look like watercolors and gave them some silver accents.  Now it was time to assemble everything together. The top and bottom have wood to hold the canvas. There is also a piece of twine to hang it on the wall. 

I’m so in love with my project! It turned out better than expected and the experience was great. The new AR Workshop is open in Smyrna, but there are lots of locations all over the country! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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