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hcg_1234_mediumSo I’ve been really bad about using my hCG supplements. But when I do use them I can tell a difference in how much I eat. The weight isn’t flying off of me by any means but I have lost 5 pounds. Keep in mind we have changed our eating and we’ve been eating more organic foods and cut out foods with preservatives. I’m not on a food diet! I intake around 1200 calories a day.

I had tremendous success with the previous hCG diet that I’ve done but I was very strict only eating high protein, 800 calories as well as B12 Lipo shots. This is the homeopathic form and isn’t as strong. I’m mainly using it as an appetite suppressant.

Just a few drops under my tongue 10 minutes before I eat or when I start to feel hungry and it helps to suppress my appetite so that I’m not eating such large portions which I tend to do a lot out of habit. If I do remember to get them under my tongue in the evenings I’m less likely to snack until I go to bed. Another problem I seem to have trouble breaking. I don’t feel hungry after I’ve taken them so it’s a win there!

I’m trying to get back on track using it by putting it on the counter in my kitchen to remind me. If I see it as I’m going in for a snack or meal I’m more likely to use them.

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I received a 90 day supply of hCG drops to blog about the program and share it with you. All opinions are my own. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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