Creative Ways to Pick Your Cash Pop Number

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This post is sponsored by the Georgia Lottery; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know that the Georgia Lottery has raised $21.6 billion for students in Georgia? That includes me as a HOPE scholarship recipient in 2004 and both of my daughters going through the Pre-K program when they were little.

HOPE stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally.

Cash Pop

The Georgia Lottery does so much to give back to the young people in Georgia. Last month I was introduced to its newest game, Cash Pop. I was invited to learn about how easy it is to play this new draw game. You can even play it right on your phone. First, you need to pick your number though.

Pick a number - Cash Pop

Creative ways to pick your Cash Pop number:

  • Dogs Choice – Put numbers on tennis balls and throw them and see which one the dog comes back with. We did this option with our dogs. We also have multiple dogs, so there is a chance they could pick multiple numbers. You can also do this with food bowls and see which bowl the dog chooses.
  • Rubber Duck Race – Place numbers on the bottom of rubber ducks and then place them into a stream and mark a start and finish line to see which one crosses the finish line first.
  • Competition ranking – Hit the go-carts or play a go-cart game to see what place you make it. Your ranking can be your number!
  • Hole in one – Do a round of golf (mini is my choice) and see how many hole-in-ones you can score.
  • Balloons – Write numbers on a slip of paper and stuff them into balloons. Tape them to a piece of wood and throw darts of the balloons to see which one pops. You can also fill the balloons with water and write numbers in chalk on the pavement and then have a toss to see where they land. I like this idea for the summer months.
  • Random Generator – Ask your smart device to pick a number! Use an online random generator to pick for you, or use the quick pick option right in the app. Cash Pop App

How To Play Cash Pop from the Georgia Lottery:

You must be 18 or over to play. You can play Cash Pop on the Georgia Lottery gaming app, online, or in stores. It’s super easy to play right from your phone or check the winning numbers.

Load your account with PayPal for easy playing.

Head to the Cash Pop section in the app.

Pick a number 1 through 15. You can pick as many numbers as you like! After that, you’ll click the buy now button on the bottom and it will take you to the next screen to allow you to pick the amount per bid. $1, $2, or $5.

There are 5 drawings a day:

  • 8:00 am Early Bird
  • 1:00 pm Matinee
  • 5:00 pm Drive Time
  • 8:00 pm Primetime
  • 11:59 pm Night Owl

You can tune in to watch the drawings live with a fun little countdown, or you can open the app at any time to see the winning numbers.

If you’ve won and your prize amount is $600 or less, your winnings are transferred into your account!

Download the Georgia Lottery app by clicking here or play online at and Get Winning!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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