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There is something about a man in well tailored clothing. So incredibly handsome. My husband recently started ‘dressing for the job’ because as they say, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” (Mark Twain) He’s been working on his new big boy wardrobe for a little while now. So when Original Stitch wanted me to test out their service we were thrilled. He’s never owned a tailored shirt before. We just snag things off the clearance rack in his size and we’ve learned which ones to stay away from. 

With Original Stitch you get to pick out EVERYTHING about the shirt whether it’s short-sleeved, has pockets, the color and cut as well. First you start by selecting the sleeve type, short or long. 

Original Stitch Custom ShirtsThen we selected the fabric we wanted. There were tons to choose from. When you hover over it, it gives you a high-resolution, close up of the weave and texture of the fabric also. 

Original Stitch Custom Shirts

Then we selected the cut of the shirt to my husband’s body type. He has a slim physique so we went with that look. 
Original Stitch Custom Shirts

He then chose his favorite collar type. I didn’t think he would care about this but apparently he’s grown to like a certain collar. Something about the way it feels with the tie in it and how it lies on the neck. Who knows (guy problems).Original Stitch Custom Shirts

You can also select a different inner fabric as well. This is a very popular trend right now in men’s clothing. But because this shirt is darker you can’t really tell. We went with a black fabric inside with the dark purple on the outside. Original Stitch Custom Shirts

Then we selected the buttons to go on the shirt. We went with black to blend in better. 

Original Stitch Custom Shirts

We were also able to get custom embroidering on the cuff of his sleeve. I’ll let you guess what S.C. stands for. 😉 After we completed the design of the shirt we finished by checking out. A few days later they requested exact measurements of my husbands arms and neck to custom tailor it to his size. They gave us really awesome instructions on how to do this since I’ve not done it before. It turned out to be super easy. After that they made the shirt and shipped in a fancy box for him. Original Stitch Custom Shirts

My husband cleans up pretty nice. This is now his all time favorite shirt. He has already requested at least ten more. He tells me about all the compliments that he receives when he wears it. So we think Original Stitch was a huge success. The shirt ended up being around $80 after all the customizations that we did but I still think that is a pretty good deal for a shirt that is made specifically for you. 

Check out and design your own shirt at or try out their design app. They have a money back guarantee as well.  

Thanks to Original Stitch for letting us design a custom shirt, we love it! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. This is so cool! I never had any idea that you could get dress shirts custom tailored to fit your size and style. My boyfriend has always had such a difficult time picking out dress shirts because he is really picky with the fit. I would absolutely love to try out this site and see what he thought about it. Then we could figure out the size and the different styles to make them just how he wants them. Thank you so much for sharing more about hits site!

  2. I love the different combinations that are available. It’s hard to find shirts that fit my style so being able to customize one would be perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!


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