Day 9 and 10 – 40 Bags in 40 Days

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Generally We would rest on Sunday but when it’s the only time my husband and I aren’t exhausted from the day or week we have been se cluttering all weekend and resting on Fridays.

This weekend we tackled our master bedroom closet. It was a huge undertaking because it really branched out into the master bedroom. But here is what we were able to get rid of.

3 bags to my friend with baby clothes
5 bags to goodwill
TV and table to goodwill
3 bags of trash

My husband and I had to take a few breaks because it was so dusty we couldn’t breathe. I’m also really embarrassed about how terrible my room and closet are. We hate putting away clothes so they just sit in baskets for months. I also have tons baby girl clothes in my closet for storage. We kept everything from the first to hand down to the second. I was able to move the clothes that no longer fit her out and I’ll be sending them to a friend that has a new baby girl. The ones that don’t fit yet are put into boxes for later. The clothes that fit her now are heading to her room. We are going to have to get her a dresser. I got rid of lots of clothes and shoes I never wear also.

The thing about this se cluttering project is that a lot of stuff is finally making it into its proper space or room. My daughters room is a big mess now because a lot of her stuff has finally made it in there. Which means that her room will now be a bigger task then originally planned. But it’s well worth it.



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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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