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Do you remember that time, when I decided to start purging things in my house? It felt great to get rid of all that junk. It was stuff that was never used and just cluttering up my house. But it all just accumulated again. It’s a cycle that has got to be easier. I keep hearing about Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and how much it worked for other people. Her tips for de-cluttering are quite simple. She recently developed 15 tips that she created exclusively for eBay.


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Image credit: BFA
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My husband has been hammering me for months to go through our garage and get rid of the mountain for baby items that have grown with each passing day. I kept everything from my first child because I knew we were planning on having another child. But after the second child grew out of her baby gear and clothes, it all ended up in the garage so that I could sell the items worth something and send clothing to friends with younger children. It’s finding the time to go through all these things when you have a busy family, job, and going to college. I was ready to send it all to the eBay Valet and let them do all the work for me.  

 Marie Kondo’s number one tip is that, if it doesn’t spark joy in you, get rid of it. That one simple tip is enough for me to get rid of almost everything in my house. When we first moved in, we had so much extra space in our cabinets and closets. We only added one extra child, but we are bursting at the seems. I wanted to move into a bigger house, but I realized that that wouldn’t make things better because I would just fill that house with extra stuff we didn’t need. IMG_1242.JPG

Two years ago I let Paula Farris and a camera crew into my messy house to discover money “sitting around.” They showed me how easy it was to list my items to sell. After appearing on the Real Money segment, I’ve been using the eBay app to list things around the house that I no longer use but are still worth money. There is plenty of stuff in my home that doesn’t spark joy, like the cloth diapers we are done using. I have no plans for another child, so they need to move on to a family that can use them for their baby. Most of them I bought on eBay used from other households! They have been kept in excellent condition, so I’ll be able to get almost the same amount for them. Plus, I’ll feel good about another family living a green lifestyle. I listed them this past week and sold them almost immediately.eBay_Selling_Options_iPad_Screenshot

I’m going to print Marie’s tips out and start in each room in my house. It’s time to purge the clutter piles that are hiding in my closets. You can print our Marie Kondo’s tips exclusively at



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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