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You all know by now I’m a tech geek but I wanted to share with you the ways that I have been planning and shopping for Christmas this year. I’ve gone high-tech and started using my Intel Tablet to keep track of my purchases and my families Christmas List. It was pretty simple too. I used Evernote to create a check list that had all the gifts I wanted to get or that were on their wishlist. By creating a list that I can edit and add things to I can easily track what I still need. 


I love it because I can take a picture and include it on my note so that I have a visual of the item. Once I purchase the gift I can check it off. It’s great when you have multiple kids and they keep track of how many gifts they opened. You can make sure they get an equal amount of kids. Kids totally keep track of that stuff, no matter how much you teach them about being thankful for what they receive. IMG_5601.JPG

It has been keeping me organized so that I don’t go overboard and that I get what will make them happy. After I check off the item I also make notes about whether the gift is wrapped yet. My husband and I used to wrap everything in one night but now that we have two kids that just isn’t happening. But it’s a fun way to bond and get everything done before the big day. 

Evernote is great because I can sync it onto any of my devices. So when I’m not using my Intel Tablet to track everything I can do it on my phone or laptop as well. It’s nice to have a portable device though with a bigger screen then my phone. 

How do you stay organized during the holidays? 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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