Digital Thanksgiving Planning

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I’m excited that I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year but every time I think about it I get that little panicked feeling in my chest. I’m thankful that my family doesn’t judge me by the amount of stuff cluttering into the corners of my house. Despite how hard I try to organize my life, it’s still total chaos. So when I plan things now I try to keep everything digital because that list I wrote the recipe and shopping list is on probably got accidentally throw away when the kids cleared off the table for dinner. On top of hosting Thanksgiving, I’m also celebrating my daughter birthday in November. Yeah, so, let the chaos commence.  
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Pinterest is my saving grace when it comes to planning an event. I planned our Sunshine and Lemonade party based on things I found on Pinterest and color schemes. Thanksgiving is no different. I sit on the couch after the kids go to bed and use my Intel Tablet to search for Thanksgiving hosting tips and yummy recipes to try. It’s super portable since it’s only 7 inches wide. I can fit it in a purse and search when I’m waiting in the car line. I love having a tablet because my laptop is too heavy to tote around with me and because it’s getting up there in age the battery life on it is terrible. The Asus Intel Tablet has a great long battery life so I don’t have to worry about that.

Our Thanksgiving meals are always potluck style so that it takes the pressure off of whoever is hosting. My husband came home the other day asking about collard greens. I grew up in the South but I am not a Southern girl, just ask my husband. I’ve never made nor tried a collard green before. So we searched for a recipe like the one he had at a local owned restaurant and we made them at home. Looks like they are going to be on the Thanksgiving menu now. 

Making Collard Greens

I’ve also been looking for great ways to decorate the table and make it festive. I’m going to have to bring in some longer tables in order to fit our whole family so I’ve learned tablecloths are a great way to cover the different table colors. Plus, it helps in the clean up afterwards because you can simply throw it into the washing machine. Maybe I can take the eyes away from my little clutter piles by wowing them with an amazing table! Thanksgiving Table planning

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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