Dining Room Chair Customization

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m transforming my boring white dining chairs with some bright colors and designs with my Cricut Joy. Instead of buying new chairs or covers, I’m revamping and customizing the ones I already have with a fresh makeover.

A long time ago I bought four dining room chairs to go with our new table. At the time, there was only one “fancy” seat cover, so I had to buy three white ones until I could replace them. They never came out with any more chair covers, so I was stuck with what I have.

These chair covers have been through it all. They have been spilled on, colored, stained, and more. My mother likes to remind me that no mother would logically buy white covers for a young family. They have held up pretty nicely over the years, but I’ve been dying to get a splash of color on them to freshen them up to be more “our style.”

I broke out my Cricut Joy and lots of Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets to create some fun pops of color on my plain white dining room chairs. There is a brand new Cricut Joy app in the Apple app store and Google Play store that allows you to create designs on the fly. It’s straightforward to use, and there are so many great images you can use in the app.

For my chairs, I decided to select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets that looked like watercolor. Here are the Cricut Joy™ Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets Patterns I choose:

I used the full sheet to print out my designs. The Cricut Joy App had a ton of designs to choose from, but I decided to go with interesting feathers, swirls, and more. The app has quick projects like labels, but you can also design your own from scratch. When you start a design, you can select a size or customize the mat. I made my design edge to edge of my longer 4.5” X 12” mat. This is also the exact size of the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. I placed the feather on the mat and then filled the spaces with little flourishes that would fit.

After you create your design, you can send it straight to your Cricut Joy from the app. I printed out all of my designs and started to weed them. Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets need to be bent and shifted to make sure the design breaks away freely when you weed. They are thick sheets. I like to weed all my designs and set them aside and clean my workspace. In the past, I’ve attached a stray weeded dot or two to my design and accidentally pressed it, so now I clean everything away to make sure I don’t do that.

Next, I prep my Easy Press to the proper temperature and time settings based on the Easy Press Heat Guide. I layer my Heat Press Mat and a piece of cardstock inside the chair covers. I preheated the space that the Infusible Ink would go and layered the design and butcher paper (included with your Transfer Sheets) and pressed the design. After the design is completely pressed, I let it cool. Sometimes you can see the design separating from the fabric as it cools.

I love how vibrant the Infusible Ink is on a white item. I’ve made a few shirts and a Teacher’s Tote Bag that have all come out great. My chair covers are a thick 100% cotton texture, and Infusible Ink works better with a polyester blend, but I was hoping to achieve a faded look with my designs. It turned out to adhere perfectly to the chair covers, and the full sheet transferred beautifully.

I think I’m going to add a few more smaller feathers and flourishes to the chairs to really make them pop. They go along great with my “fancy” chair cover now. Cricut lets me customize lots of items in my house. We customize things for the girls and make them unique to their style. I’m currently working on a fun corkboard customization for Captain Squish as well.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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