Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z Book

Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs A to Z

Round House Children’s Books sent me the new Dinosaurs A to Z book. We love Dinosaur Train in our house. Not just the kids but me as well. One of my daughters favorite specials is the Dinosaurs A to Z. Tiny and Buddy set off to fill the Dinosaur Train with each dinosaur from the song. At the end they have a giant picnic and sing the song together with each dinosaur. The special has just aired July 8 and 9th but if you missed it it’s ok! We also have the Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z DVD so we can watch it anytime! Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs A to Z

The book is awesome. It has a padded cover and is a thick strong board book. Each page has a different dinosaur from the song in the show. It also has a picture of the character from the show and an illustration. You then learn about what time period they lived in and a few cool facts about them. It blows me away the way my daughter can name a dinosaur at a museum. Then tell me what it eats and what time period they lived. Smart kiddos.
Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs A to ZWe love this book. We popped in the Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z DVD and sat down with our book to go through the whole thing together. It’s such a fantastic way to learn about the alphabet as well as a ton of great dinosaurs. 

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