Disney Hollywood Studios – Epic 8th Birthday Day 3

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If you’re just tuning in make sure to start on Day 1 of the Epic 8th Birthday Celebration

We are on day 3 of our Epic 8th Birthday celebration! This was our final day at the Omni Orlando so we took our time around the resort before we decided to head to Disney Hollywood Studios. It worked out perfectly because it was raining that morning anyways and the afternoon was looking more clear. STUDIO_HBFIVEDM_7526490437

I’m so glad I decided at the last minute to buy tickets to Disney Hollywood Studios because this is the last year that The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is going to be seen on Main Street USA. It literally was a once in a lifetime thing that I wanted to experience with my family. STUDIO_OSBLIGHT4_7527075089

The lights were absolutely amazing and worth the trip. The girls danced in the streets to the music and gazed at the lights looking for all the hidden Mickey’s. We lost count of how many there were but some people were telling me it was over 80 or so. SONY DSC

If there is rainy weather during a trip to Walt Disney World then that is the day you should go to Disney Hollywood Studios. Most everything is a show or ride that takes place indoors and even the line ques are under shelter. We brought an umbrella for walking between one thing to another and it worked out great. We let the kids play in the Honey I shrunk the kids playground right before a pop-up shower appeared. Photo Nov 22, 6 28 19 PM

Another reason I wanted to make sure we hit this park was because my youngest is a huge Disney Junior fan and they have all the characters at this park. We got to see Sofia, Jake, Doc McStuffins, and Minnie Mouse. The whole drive down to Orlando it is all she could talk about, seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My love for Disney makes it even more magical when I see their little faces light up when they see the characters.STUDIO_VIPMOUSE_7526610294

I think there is a huge shift in experience Walt Disney World throughout a child’s childhood. When they are young you can hit the any height rides and spend your time meeting characters. When they get older they won’t want to see the characters so riding the bigger rides will be the focus. Going without kids is all about the thrill rides, the great food, and staying out late without any sleepy kids. There is no end to the magic, at least in my book. My husband would disagree with me on this. He complained the whole trip. He only agreed to the trip because it was for JaMonkey’s birthday. Looks like I’ll be doing Disney on my own from now on. I’m ok with that though, less whining means more fun. The girls had a blast though and that is what mattered to me. 

Peanut was so excited about seeing Mickey Mouse but the moment we would get up there to take our pictures she was nervous. I got the funniest picture of her giving Sorcerer Mickey the stink eye. STUDIO_VIPMOUSE_7526610297

She finally warmed up when she met Minnie Mouse and gave her a big hug. STUDIO_PLYDSCHAR3_7526723730

Check out Day 4 where we visited LEGOLAND! 

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