Disney Imagicademy Party

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No one loves a Disney Party, like I love a Disney party. With the launch of the new Disney Imagicademy apps I threw a party and invited some friends over for some fun themed snacks, crafts and app play. There are three new apps that Disney just released. Mickey’s Magical Math World, the Imagicademy Parents app and Mickey’s Magical Arts World. SONY DSC

In honor of these games I made snacks that are out of this world. Like Moon Pies, Starcrunch and Milky Way mini bars. SONY DSC

The creative juices were flowing with extra rocket fuel as well. SONY DSC

I made some Pigs in Space which came out so cute. Just little pigs in a blanket with cheese to make it look like a rocket ship. SONY DSC

We caught a galaxy in a glass. With stars and planets floating in blue jello. 

The star lollipops look like little color wheels. But the biggest hit at the party were the Mickey Paint Palette cookies. It was the first time I’ve been successful in making iced cookies. They came out so great and they tasted awesome. SONY DSC

The kids got a chance to play the new Mickey’s Magical Math World. It was a huge hit and the kids were giggling up a storm with the aliens and robots in the game. SONY DSCDuring the party I showed the parents the new Parents app where I got this great craft activity to do with the kids. We made balloon rockets to race with each other. They have all types of ideas like this and more on there. I check in once a week for any new activities. SONY DSC

We got to show our creative side by coloring puzzles and pictures. Rainbows and flowers seem to be the popular theme. I’m looking forward to the launch of Mickey’s Magical Arts World, my daughter loves the world of creative arts. In the game, children can create their own characters that can star in animated movies alongside beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, while they experiment with line, shapes and texture in Mickey’s Drawing Studio. Consider concepts of rhythm, tempo, patterns and melodies with Mickey’s Musical Marching Band; Experiment with symmetry, balance and proportion as they design buildings with Minnie; and play with oodles of virtual arts and crafts with Goofy!


We used fun Mickey duct tape and washi tape to decorate our rockets. After the kids left my daughter made like ten more rockets just for the fun of it. SONY DSC

The parents helped out with the craft and it was a great way to bond with our children, which is exactly the purpose of the Imagicademy Parents app. To spend time and get to know your child and create a lasting bond. 

The kids raced their balloon rockets and laughed so hard at the funny noise the balloons make when they deflate. The party was a big hit. It was like a giant themed playdate with friends. The kids got to play and create and the parents got to chat and have adult conversations. SONY DSC

Visit Disney Imagicademy to see all the great apps, videos and activities. Mickey’s Magical Math World and Mickey’s Magical Arts World are available now in the App store.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I loved this plethora of party ideas Meghan! It sure was a success! We’re having slumber party tonight and my snuggle angel is really excited for the disney galaxy theme. Hope we could pull this off. p.s. i love the rocket fuel soooo much!


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