Disney Princess Pley Box Review

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Disney Princess Pley BoxWe love monthly subscription boxes. Getting a special surprise in the mail each month is the best. We have been reviewing them on our YouTube channel for a long time now. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to catch them! The Disney Princess Pley is by far the girl’s favorite box. They get two things they love most, new toys to play with and a box that turns into something so they can play. 

I get A LOT of boxes delivered to the house. I am the Amazon queen, and sometimes the boxes that come are huge, so the girls steal them and create things with them. So the concept that the Pley box transforms into something else is a huge selling point for us. The Ariel box turned into a ship, Rapunzel’s box turned into her tall tower. (You can see them in the videos below. 

Here is a look at the Disney Princess Pley Boxes that we have gotten so far. The girls really love them, and they love that you can play with the box afterward. 

The boxes always come with a Disney Princess, like a doll or the figures sets and also a t-shirt with that princess on it. Then there are additional items in the box themed to the princess as well. In the Rapunzel box (the one we are giving away at the bottom of this post) there was an art book that had cool paintbrush markers and paper to create like Rapunzel. My girls love to draw so this was a hit in my house.  All of the stuff that has come in our Pley boxes gets used. There is always high-quality items that my kids enjoy. 

Here is the Beauty and the Beast Disney Pley box that we unboxed live on Facebook! 

The booklet that comes with each box tells the story of the princess for that month. There are coloring pages, recipes, games, and instructions to build your box as well. The Disney Princess Pley Box is delivered bi-monthly and the theme of the box is always a surprise.

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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