Disney’s Frozen Will Warm Your Heart

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Disney-FrozenFrom the creators of Tangled, which you’ll notice right away with the way the characters look and the humor that will keep you giggling the whole movie, comes Frozen. A heart warming story about two sisters, one of them (Anna played my Kristen Bell) is a clumsy goof ball and the other (Elsa played by Idina Menzel) has icy powers that she can’t seem to control.

The movie is more of a musical than other movies for sure, but when you have Idina Menzel (star of Wicked on Broadway) and Kristen Bell belting them out you’ll forget that they are singing their lines. When Elsa gets iced out of her castle she decides that she is better off alone and decides to let her powers to shine freely. As a result summer ends fast and a think layer of snow coats the town.

So Anna sets off on an adventure to find her sister and set things right. Along the way she meets Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. Then she comes across the funniest, lovable snowman you’ll ever meet. He was the highlight of the whole movie. But we were laughing pretty hard during the whole movie. There is also a great twist at the end that you won’t see coming.

We loved this movie, and when we got home mu husband actually told me he wanted to go see it also. Yeah, you read that right!

MickeyThe best part about seeing Frozen in theaters is the Disney Short that you’ll get to see before hand. It’s called Get a Horse and it’s the first movie that Walt Disney has been credited as the voice of Mickey Mouse in 58 years. Amazing! • “Get A Horse!” blends CG and hand-drawn animation in a way that only Walt Disney Animation Studios can do. Its classic black-and-white animation style, done by some of the most talented artists of today, is reminiscent of the studio’s shorts from 1928, Mickey’s first year, ultimately infused with an innovative, 3D twist that incorporates the latest CG and 3D artistry.

Frozen is in theaters now! Go see it!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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