DIY Cookie Box

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One of the great things about having a Cricut Maker is how versatile they are for all kinds of crafts. Make your own treat boxes for all the sweet treats you might be making for neighbors or coworkers.

You can make your labels with a classic touch with a wax seal with Christmas designs.

DIY Cookie Box

DIY Cookie Box

DIY Cookie Box



  • 12 x 12 - Acetate sheets
  • Cardstock
  • Standard grip mat
  • Ribbon of choice (5/8”)
  • Wax sticks
  • Wax seal (found at Hobby Lobby, but lots of Christmas seals on Amazon)
  • Lighter
  • Double sided clear tape
  • Safety pins
  • FILE - Red (larger piece) - part 1
  • Green (smaller piece) - part 2


  • Upload file to design space. Hit ungroup on the layers panel. Select the layer with the fold lines. Once selected, click “line type” towards the left of the top toolbar. Click the drop-down menu and select “Score.”
  • Next, select the score lines layer and the main box shape layer. Select attach towards the bottom of the layers panel.
    *NOTE : Repeat steps 1 & 2 for both files of the box - box is broken into 2 pieces to fit approx. 5-7 cookies about 3” in diameter. For a larger box, adjust both files as one, as needed.
    *NOTE: To fit both files per 1 sheet of acetate, rotation of 1 file will be required. Otherwise, will need 2 sheets per 1 box.
  • After, hit make it to cut the box. Adjust your material dial or setting to “acetate” and load onto a standard grip mat. Adjust your tool to either the scoring wheel or scoring stylus and load it into the machine when prompted. Hit the flashing go button.
    *NOTE: Score lines will look non-existent, but will notice once folding begins.
  • Once cut, begin to fold the score lines.
  • Place double-sided tape (clear works best) on the glue tabs towards the back wall of the box (green file - part 2) and connect both parts.
  • Upload tag file to design space. After, hit make it to cut the tag. Adjust your material dial or setting to medium card stock and load on to a standard grip mat.
  • Once cut, follow the directions on a wax stick and wax seal, if going that route to add a decorative touch to the tag or personalize with Cricut.
  • Lastly, add cookies to the box, attach a decorative ribbon, and use a safety pin to secure the finished tag.
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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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