DIY Creative Galaxy Heart Day Hair Clips VIDEO

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DIY Creative Galaxy Heart Day Hair ClipsAre you ready for Heart Day?! We are with these super cute Creative Galaxy inspired Heart Day Hair Clips. They are really easy to make, and they are perfect for Valentine’s day. The Creative Galaxy Heart Day special airs on February 7th on Amazon.

In “Heart Day,” Epiphany (Kira Gelineau, Dear Viola) is ready to show her love with a special performance on Groovopolis, but she accidently ruins her costume before the show! She and Arty (Meesha Contreras) fly into the Creative Galaxy for a solution and together they help all his friends along the way learn that everyone has their own special way of saying “I heart you!” Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) and Jason Jones (The Daily Show) guest star as Arty’s parents, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb lends her voice as Melody.

My girls love Creative Galaxy because of all the fun crafts they do. We made the Bath Crayons when the show first launched. Today’s craft is inspired by Epiphany and the Heart Day clip that Arty gives her during the special episode. We used all different things for this project, but you will need the following to get started. 

Here is the full video tutorial for the DIY Creative Galaxy Heart Day Hair Clips!

Things you will need:

Alligator Hair Clips 

Felt Hearts

Felt Sheets

Glitter Glue


Hot Glue Gun


DIY Creative Galaxy Heart Day Hair Clips

The first thing I did was line the alligator clips with ribbon. I then took the precut felt hearts and placed them onto my felt sheets to make a bigger heart. We mixed and matched colors with red, white, pink, and purple. I then let the girls decorate their hearts with stickers and glitter glue. If you use stickers, make sure they are thick quality ones and hot glue them to the felt so that they will not fall off. DIY Creative Galaxy Heart Day Hair Clips

We were also really excited about the new Creative Galaxy Arty’s Tool Belt that looks just like Arty’s! It comes with crayons, paintbrushes, and a handful of coloring pads and paint by water sheets. Squishy was super excited about it, check out our video of the new Tool Belt!

The girls had a blast playing and creating. That’s what is so great about the show. They show kids creating crafts without adults helping which shows independence. Kids can learn so much with their hands and arts, and crafts like these are a great way to do that. Creative Galaxy Arty's Tool Belt
You can find the new Creative Galaxy Arty’s Tool Belt at Amazon. Make sure to check out the new season of Creative Galaxy and the Heart day special airing Feb 7th!Creative Galaxy Arty's Tool Belt

Want more Creative Galaxy fun? Here are more Heart Day crafts!

Yarn Heart Bouquet 
DIY Heart Wreath

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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