DIY Family Christmas Ornaments

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I recently stumbled upon a great holiday project that I just had to try out. I wanted to create a nice gift this year for our family that they would cherish and something that was fun and affordable.

A keepsake ornament with a dated family photo along with a small ultrasound picture on the back. My ornament is different than the one I found because I used normal 3″ sized balls so folding the picture to put it in would have ruined the picture.

The Ornament pictured is not the one I used

What you will need:

Clear Plastic Fillable Ornament 3″ 80mm


Cardstock Paper

Scrapbook Paper

Mounting Tape

Festive Garland


I photoshopped a family photo along with an ultrasound photo to have a fancy border and then included the year in the corner.

After having the pictures printed on cardstock I cut them out and used mounting tape to attach the photo to a sparkly piece of scrapbooking paper.

I then cut the scrap paper to make it look more like a matte finish and then fastened the ultrasound picture to the back of it.

You then take your festive garland, tinsel or whatever you ended up choosing into the ball placing your picture inside so that it stays upright and the stuff inside isn’t blocking the picture.

I then glued ribbon along the seem of the ornament to cover the opening. I then fastened more ribbon to the top so be able to hang it on a  tree. The final ribbon I used with another color to give it some added flare. 

The Ultrasound picture was just an added touch to highlight the fact that it wasn’t a complete family photo since I was pregnant in the family portrait.

The focal point is the front photo that is why you can see it so clearly.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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