DIY Lightweight Hexagon Shelves

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I’ve recently taken up collecting Disney Tsum Tsums and I needed a way to keep them off the floor so that my dog didn’t try to eat them. Because they are so little, I didn’t need a heavy duty shelf. So I found some great supplies and decided to make my own.
I found these great paper mache boxes that are light but also sturdy. I also found some chalk paint from Martha Stewert at Target which I am currently in love with and want to buy the whole line so I can paint everything in my house.

I painted the outside if the box in the mouse grey color and then the inside in my trademark favorite teal color. After the hexagons dried, I used a super strong glue to glue them together. I used clamps to keep them together while the glue dried.
I then attached claw teeth frame hangers to the back of the boxes on at least two of them to balance the weight.

Now when my kids are done playing with the Tsum Tsums they can put them on this adorable shelf for display and storage.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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    • I glued nail brackets to the back and you can just mark where your brackets are on the wall and put some nails up. I’ve added a few more hexagons to these shelves and a LOT more Tsum Tsums so I can no longer hang mine.


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