DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti Costume

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DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti costumeYou have stolen the heart from inside me! I mentioned a while ago that I was planning a Moana costume for D23 Expo. I realize now that I never showed you guys the finished costume! Keep in mind I’ve never created my own costume before. I’ve only purchased them or thrown things together. I especially have never made a wig before, but boy did my first time turn out amazing. Moana was such a great movie and I love Te Fiti (Mother Island) the most. But the story is important so I wanted to show both Te Ka and Te Fiti together! 

I’ll put links at the bottom of this post of everything I used for my costume. 

I started with the wig because I knew it was going to take me the longest. First, I hand stitched a line down the middle of the flame wig. The main reason I did this was the stabilize the flame hair so that when I removed half of it, it didn’t all fall off. I then used a black Sharpie to color the base of the hair to be the shard cooled lava area. I then sewed on the green hair extensions. I only ended up using 3 because I was going to be covering most of the hair with moss and greenery. 

The rest of the wig is a mix of Moss garland, pink moss, silk flowers, and fake vines. I sealed everything with Mod Podge so that the moss didn’t fall apart all over the place and in transit from Atlanta to Anaheim! DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti costumeThe rest of the costume was super easy! All I did was purchase a tunic and skirt in two colors and sew them together. Well, my awesome friend Lindsey did the sewing. She makes costumes for a living! I bought a Black and Green tunic and a green skirt and a small piece of black jersey fabric. After everything was sewn together, I started working on the paint. DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti costumeTo give the costume some texture without adding a bunch of weight to it, I painted on the lava and moss effect. The black side is splatter yellow and orange paint. The green is a mix of different greens sponge painted on. I used a Moana stencil to create the Heart of Te Fiti on the chest. I stuck with the same paint for each side. DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti costumeI finished the look with two-sided makeup. I had brought the full black and green makeup to do but it was so hot in California during the D23 Expo and there was a large portion of our time standing in line just to get into the building so I opted to only where lips and shadow. And you can’t have Te Fiti without a mini Moana doll to hold in your hand! 

I convinced Squish to be my Moana for Halloween! 

I’ll be wearing the costume again for Halloween this year. I may even do the full makeup and film a video for you guys to see it better. Everyone loved the costume at D23 Expo and I even made it onto the press site for other outlets to share. I found plenty of Moana’s to pose with and there was even a Moana canoe!
DIY Moana Te Ka /Te Fiti costume

UPDATED: Here is the makeup I did for Halloween 

Here is everything I used in this project:

What do you guys think of my Te Ka / Te Fiti costume? Let me know in the comments. 


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. I was searching for how to make a Te Fiti wig and came across your page. Your costume is fantastic! You did such a great job!! It’s very creative!!

  2. I was just looking for Te Fiti ideas and ran across your costume. How clever to do both Te Fiti and Te Ka in one costume! I have 2 year old twins so I’m not sure I could pull this off (I want them to be Maui and Moana) but I want to try! Very well done and I appreciate that you shared your process! I never would’ve figured out the wig!


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