DIY My Knight and Me Inspired Shield and Sword

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This craft is brought to you by My Knight and Me from the Cartoon Network.

DIY My Knight and Me Inspired Shield and Sword With the amount of cardboard that comes into this house, I can’t believe I’ve never made fun props and costumes out of them yet. This past week we had Winter Break, so we watched a new show on Cartoon Network called My Knight and Me and then got to crafting our own swords and shields. 

I happened to have a few perfect pieces of cardboard in my garage. I’ve been saving them for a rainy day because my girls are notorious if a large box comes into the house, they turn them into storefronts and little houses. Reminds me of a funny quote I saw the other day. Why haven’t toy stores caught onto selling giant boxes yet?

My Knight and Me airs weekdays at 12 pm ET on Cartoon Network and is for kids ages 6-10. It follows the quests of a colorful and charismatic trio of knights in shining armor: loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; daring and determined Cat the Princess; and bold and courageous Henri of Orange, Jimmy’s dad and a charmingly inept, yet passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm – but sure is the funniest! Together, the knightly group sets out from the Kingdom of Epic to save the day and brighten the Dark Ages!

We liked that Cat, although a princess, is an awesome squire as well. She can kick butt with the rest of the boys. Which is something I am always telling JaMonkey. Girls can do anything boys do. 

All you need to make this project:


Aluminium Foil

Hot glue gun

Glue Stick


Cardboard shieldFirst, I cut out the shield and a strip to be attached to the back for the kids to hold onto. When you are gluing the cardboard to more cardboard you’ll want to use the hot glue gun. It is stronger and will make the cardboard thicker and therefore last longer. When you ready to glue the aluminum foil down, use a glue stick. The hot glue will cause glue patterns to show up under the foil. 

Cardboard shield

I had the girls apply a thick layer of glue stick to the cardboard and placed the shield onto the foil. Then I cut and wrapped the excess foil around to the back and glued it down. While that dries I cut out pieces for the swords. Cardboard swords


I folded the ends of the cardboard up and glued them to make a thick handle. Then, I cut out the sword shape and used the thin strips to reinforce the blade so that it could take a beating. I glued the strips on both sides of the sword and made sure to place the ends down into the handle for added support. Glue and wrap the blade with aluminum foil. DIY Shield and SwordNow you can decorate your sword and shield with your house crest or whatever you want. I think they came out great! The kids have been outside beating the junk out of each other all week! Hey, their outside. Parenting win. DIY My Knight and Me Inspired Shield and Sword

Make sure to check out My Knight and Me on Cartoon Network!  DIY My Knight and Me Inspired Shield and Sword

Have fun!


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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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