DIY Natural Easter Table Centerpiece

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DIY Natural Easter Table Centerpiece I love earthy tones and things to look more natural when it comes to decorating. The same goes for my holiday decorations. I created this great table centerpiece to bring some springtime into my house along with a great Easter theme. It was simple to create and came out exactly as I envisioned it.

Here is what you’ll need:


Serving Tray

Wire Basket –A tarnished bucket would look great also.

Mason Jar


Silk or Paper Flowers

Fake Flower Buds

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Easter Eggs

Lindt Chocolate GOLD BUNNY

I found most of my supplies at Michael but I also found some great things at my local dollar store. They had some fake moss as well. I used two different kinds to give a different texture and color. One was a solid sheet of moss. This I placed in the serving tray so that it looked like a mossy ground. The moss in the wire basket is more sponge like and comes in pieces.DIY Natural Easter Table Centerpiece

The serving tray I used has sides all the way around so that the moss wouldn’t fall out. I chose a wire basket so that I could fill it with moss also and still be able to see it. Inside of the wire basket is a mason jar to hold the branches in place. It also fills the wire basket so you don’t have to use a lot of moss to cover it.

I gathered branches my yard because I hate the look of silk flower branches. I bought a branch of blossoms that matched my Easter Eggs and the same in buds. After I arranged the branches the way I wanted them to look I put a rubber band around the ends. I then hot glued then together so that they wouldn’t shift. Then, I cut the buds from the fake stalk and hot glued them along the branches. I did the same with the flowers. I didn’t place a lot on the branches because I wanted it to look more like the first bloom of Spring. DIY Natural Easter Table Centerpiece

After the glue was dried I placed the branches in the jar. Wrapping the bottom with a cloth napkin stopped them from move around in the jar. Place the jar inside the wire basket and start placing moss around the outside of the mason jar to cover it.

To put the finishing touches on I placed a few natural looking Easter eggs around the tablescape and then placed two Lindt Chocolate GOLD BUNNY into the moss to make it look like a real outdoor setting. I think it looks amazing. My kids keep eyeing the Lindt Chocolate GOLD BUNNY though, I’m going to come down one day and find it missing I’m sure.

DIY Natural Easter Table Centerpiece

How do you like decorating for Easter?

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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