DIY Nutcracker Snow Globe

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Create your own Nutcracker Snow Globe with ballerinas and keys just like in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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Thank you to Disney for sending me the movie and supplies to share this Disney DIY. This post contains affiliate links. 

Here is what you’ll need:

This shatterproof snow globe has a base plug on the inside that we are going to be gluing everything too. First I positioned everything on the base to make sure it would all fit before gluing everything on.

For my snow globe, I decided to use a piece of fishing line to hang Clara’s key between the two trees just like in the movie. Tie the line to one try and then thread the key onto it and then tie a knot so that the ket stays in the middle of the line before tying it to the other tree.

Now you want to glue your pieces to the base with h heavy duty glue that will stand up to being in the water. I used clear silicone. I suggest using a lot of glue and even building up the glue along the edges on the objects to make sure they stay put.

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After placing the dancer and the trees I glued some of the big gears to the base as well. Allow drying for a few hours.

Now it’s time to fill the snow globe. I left some of the smaller gears and keys to be free floating in the snow globe. Then I poured in the snow and glitter.
Fill the snow globe with water leaving a little room at the top. Add in 3-5 drops of glycerine. This makes the snowfall slower.

Put glue along the bases and place it into your snow globe. Then add additional glue to the bottom and replace the lid.

There you have a beautiful Nutcracker and the Four Realms snow globe!Nutcracker Snow Globe

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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