DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

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This is a sponsored post with Amazon as part of Forward Influence. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Throwback to your childhood with this fun homemade costume idea made from boxes! Did you play the Oregon Trail game on an old green screen computer as I did? Gather your covered wagon and your floppy disk because we are making a boxtume sure to win the Halloween costume contest. Boxtumes are creative costumes made at home using Amazon smile boxes and crafting supplies that you already have around the house.DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

I’ve partnered with Amazon to make this fun Boxtume that your kids and pets will love. We are Amazon Prime members and I have a lot of stuff that I purchase with Subscribe & Save, like our dog food. I have three dogs so we buy a lot of dog food each month. Amazon auto ships it to me so I don’t have to worry about that errand. It comes in a huge smile box each month so it was put to good use.

For the old computer costume, I used a large rectangular Smile box that would fit my tall 10-year-old. I cut out a square for the computer screen and so she could computer

I attached a smaller box to the front as the keyboard. I angled the keyboard box slightly so that you could see the keyboard part if you were looking straight at her. Use packing tape to secure the keyboard box to the computer box.

After the box was put together, I painted the whole thing Antique White, which when you think about should make you giggle because these old computers are antiques.

Did you know you can play Oregon Trail online? I didn’t but I did to get that awesome picture for the screen! I also printed a picture of an old keyboard and a fake “pear” logo for finishing touches. I printed everything on cardstock so the glue wouldn’t bleed through the paper.

To attach the game screen image, I put tape on the inside and outside to laminate it onto the box.DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

For the covered wagon pet costume, I used an Amazon Smile Box that was the perfect size for my biggest dog, Juno. The cover is pool noodles and a white pillowcase that I split down the seam.

I started by tracing a circle for the pool noodles in the top of the box. I cut an X into the circle so that the pieces could hold on to the pool noodle when it was in costume

Just push the noodle into the top of the box and it will be held in place. I only needed to use 2 pool noodles, but if you have a big dog and a big box you may need three and a bigger piece of fabric such as two pillowcases or an old wagon

When the noodles were in place, I split the seam of a pillowcase along one side. I left the back closed because covered wagons had the ability to close off the back and front as shelter. I pinned the sheet into place, but you could also use fabric glue.

Next came the wagon wheels. I found a cut file for the wheels to make life a little easier, but I still had to use my knife to cut them all the way through. Amazon Smile Boxes are tough! I attached the wheels with glue along the bottom so they were hanging over the edge.  box wagon

The final step is to cut a place in the box for the dogs head and tail. It was pretty adorable seeing Juno in the box. She can get enough of her head out that I can attach her leash as well. She got lots of bacon for being such a good sport.DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

I have to admit that the Boxtumes came out really cute and my daughter is so excited to wear them to our town costume contest. I think she has a real shot at winning, too. Nearly all of the kids who win each year have homemade costumes and some of our favorites in the past were made from boxes!DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

Smile boxes can also be used to craft other custom Halloween items—from DIY treat containers and masks to decorations and haunted houses.

Make sure to show off your own creativity using #boxtumes, #amazonprime and #morethanabox on social media.



DIY Oregon Trail Box Costume for Kids and Dogs

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. This is freaking fantastic! I had that same exact computer in my bedroom growing up (minus the cute face!) and dedicated my days and nights to Oregon Trail! Love this!


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