DIY Photo Booth

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The highlight of my Disney Side party was the Photo booth for sure! It was extremely simple to set up. I was about to do mine under $20 and I’m going to show you how I did mine. 

I used my Sony NEX 5K on a tripod to capture our pictures. I purchased a Wireless Remote Control
for my camera that has a 2 second delay so that the subject could aim the remote at the camera and then put it down really fast. 

Every photo booth needs a backdrop! Mine was only $2. I took two plastic tablecloths in two different colors and folded them in half. I then cut the tablecloth in about 1 inch strips leaving about 2 inches near the top. After everything was cut I took three strands of different colors and braided them about 5-6 inches down. To make sure the braid stayed (it was windy) I put a piece of clear tap on the back side of the braid. I also placed a line of fishing line at the bottom of the backdrop to hold the streamers down because every time the wind blew they would flip over the back side of the fence it was hanging on. 

DIY Photo Booth I then gathered all of my Mickey, Minnie and other various Disney toys and hats for people to wear. Then I printed some photo booth props ($5) and affixed them to sticks. I set everything up so people could pick and choose what they wanted to use and go to town. I had some kids take a picture with every single prop! It was a huge hit. 

Disney Photo Booth

Michaels now sells photo booth props of all different kinds. I bought the cute cut out one and spray painted it with chalkboard paint so that people could write their own messages. 

DIY Photo Booth

We loved showing our Disney Side! 


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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. First of all, vavavoom on the dress, lady! It is gorgeous on you, especially with your beautiful hair! I’m obsessing over the dress, I want it! I love the photo booth! We’re having a Minecraft-themed party for my middle son this year and I’ve been thinking about how I could have a photo booth–now I know how!

    Thank you so much for posting this!


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