DIY Sharpie Watercolor Book Cover Tutorial VIDEO

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DIY Sharpie Watercolor Book Cover Tutorial with VideoI’ve wanted to make a Sharpie watercolor for a long time. It’s super easy to do, and it’s a fun project that your kids can participate in. If you don’t mind them getting a little colorful in the process.


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All you need to make a Sharpie watercolor are Sharpies, of course, cotton or canvas (I found mine at Michael’s near the scrapbooking and school supplies), and rubbing alcohol.

I choose to make a book cover because it’s back to school season, and it’s a great way to let your child show their creativity to their peers. Doing arts and crafts is building cognitive skills, which is something Montessori schools focus on.

You want to start by scribbling your design onto the canvas. I used some tape so that I could create a line on the top and bottom of the cover.​

You don’t have to fill every fiber with color because you want to blend it with the rubbing alcohol to make it look like a watercolor.

I did some feathers and arrows to give it a bohemian look to it.

On the dots, feathers, and arrow, I used a Q-Tip dipped in the rubbing alcohol to blend the colors together.

On the chevron pattern, I ended up just pouring the rubbing alcohol on the area to saturate it. (My bottle had a slim opening that made it easy to squirt.)

Now you can let the canvas dry completely. Once the alcohol has dried, you can wash it in water, and the colors won’t run and mess up your design.

I feel like this activity is great for a child of any age. When they are little, they are working on their motor skills. How to hold the marker and also creating something they can be proud of. For the older kids, they are learning about what happens when colors are mixed and blended together.

DIY Sharpie Watercolor Book Cover Tutorial with Video

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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