DIY Valentine Decor 3D Wood Bead Shadow Box

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Time to decorate for Valentine’s Day! Let’s make a 3D wood bead shadow box craft to add some holiday love to your home.

You will need to download the XOXO sheet for the shadow box. Click on the image above to download and print the pattern.

This Valentine’s shadow box is an easy decoration that kids can make together and display anywhere in the house.

3D Valentine Decor Wood Bead Shadow Box

Create beautiful Valentine's decor with this DIY 3D wood bead shadow box.



  • Begin to paint the edge, inner edges, and inside of the wood box. Will most likely need 2-3 coats.
  • Once dry, print out the “XOXO” design on white card stock (this will go inside of the box). For it to print correctly, you will want to go to your printer's custom settings. Choose print at 100% and choose custom paper dimensions to 11.25” wide and 7.178” height. These will be the dimensions inside the box, not counting the frame.
  • After the design is printed, trim off any excess and add a layer of mod podge to the inside the backing of the shadow box.
  • Lie the printed card stock design inside (should be a pretty perfect fit) and apply pressure while allowing it to dry.
  • With the floral wire, begin to create a heart shape. Use a cup or something round to help create and mold the top, rounded part of the heart. Use needle-nose pliers or wire pliers with a wire cutter and cut it from the spool. Be careful. The wire may be sharp where cut.
  • Before closing the heart up, begin adding the beads to the wire heart on both sides (beads won’t make it around the dip in the top of the heart without ruining the shape.
  • Once enough beads are covering the wire, leave enough space at the bottom to be able to close off the heart by twisting and pinching the two ends together with the pliers
  • Attach a ribbon to the middle of the heart with hot glue and up and over the back of the box to give it that 3D hanging effect.
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