Do-It Herself Workshops at The Home Depot #DIHWorkshop

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Ever since I joined Pinterest I’ve considered myself a do it your selfer. So much so that I started Project Pinterest where we do Pinterest inspired projects and share them with others. So I was so excited to hear about The Home Depot’s Do-It Herself workshops that they do each month in store. I attended February’s workshop at the Home Depot Cumberland location. It was a full house of customers making a fun and super cute tiled mirror.

The Home Depot team had everything we needed to make the project on the table. The also provided us with extremely detailed instructions to take home with us so that we could do it ourselves at home. Most of the women got to take home their tiled mirrors that they created so it’s a great treat for this FREE workshop. Not to mention that it was a ton of fun!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Vine (jamonkey) you should because I posted the project nearly step by step so you could see! It was super easy to do the project.

First star with your mirror and put painters tap down the keep your mirror clean on the inside. Then you want to sand the part of the mirror that you’ll be putting your adhesive. IMG_2673

We used Simple Mat adhesive to place it on the mirror. It was cut to size and super strong. IMG_2683


Place your tile onto the adhesive. Making sure that you are keeping the spaces between the tile even. The tile we used was in stops so you only had to worry about the edges that lined up. IMG_2682

Time to put on the grout. We used a premixed sanded grout. You should use a sanded grout for anything over 1/8th of an inch. These tiles were exactly 1/8inch spacing. IMG_2687

Because you are using sanded grout be careful if you get it on your mirror because it will scratch it. After you had covered all the crack on the tops and sides use a sponge and some water to wipe it away from the tile.IMG_2694

Once your tile is all clean pull away your tape to reveal your amazing new mirror! After your grout dries completely you’ll want to use a sealer to make it last longer.
Tiled MirrorCheck out our completed project! We did a great job and it was so easy to make.


I had so much fun making this project that I’ll be attending as many Do-It Herself projects that I can. The Home Depot Team was so helpful answering questions we had.

Remember the workshops are completely free to attend and we were able to take the project home with us. Do-It Herself Workshops take place every third Thursday of each month. Make sure to check out their kids workshops every first Saturday of the month.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot Cumberland (Store 121).

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I have always wanted to learn how to tile. I have a friend who tiles everything herself and her work is amazing! I own one of her pieces and I love it!

  2. What a cool project. When I saw Do It HER self I kind of thought they’d make a kind of lame project like learning how to hammer a nail. I’m so glad it’s not. I have a Home Depot around the corner so I’ll have to look up when their next workshop will be!

  3. So glad I read this post, I need to work up my nerve and go to a Do-It Herself workshop! I am so craft challenged, I never attempt anything. One of my goals for 2013 is to tackle things that scare me 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  4. I’m totally signing up for these! We’re finally moving into a house (a rental) so now I’ll have much more room for DIY projects. I’ve already picked up a solid wood dresser that I’m going to sand down and repaint for my girls room. The best part is I scored it for free!


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