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IMG_5720.PNGWe don’t use cash a lot but when we do, we always save our change for the kids. They both have savings accounts that we deposit their piggy banks into. My little one doesn’t really collect like the other one does. JaMonkey has piggy banks in different rooms in our house. With all this change we use coin counters in order to turn it into cash so that it is easier to spend or deposit. We use Coinstar machines to do that.

Coinstar is great because it gives you options on how you cash out your coins. You can get a cash voucher to take to a register and get cash for it. The kiosks also have the ability to cash out your change as an eCertificate, like a gift card. There is no fee to do this. So maybe you have plans for saving your coins for a nice dinner or a new pair of shoes. You can print out the certificate to buy them. 

But my favorite aspect of the Coinstar kiosks is the option to donate the change you collected to charity.  We have generally only deposited the money into her savings account but this time I explained to her what the charities that were available to donate to offered those in need and she decided to donate it to Feeding America. 

The Coinstar machines are so easy to use and kids love to see it count all their coins to see how much they saved. It always surprises her to see how much she collected. Change can add up fast. We took a video of our adventure at the Coinstar kiosk and how easy it was to donate it to Feeding America.  Have you ever thought about donating your change to charity?

This is a great time to share with kids the importance of giving. Not just giving gifts to friends and family but about giving to those in need as well. I always suggest getting kids a special coin collector that has a spot for saving, spending and charity. They can see how easy it is to be responsible money holders. 

They also have kiosks that take your old gift cards and give you cash instead. Maybe there is only a few dollars left on it or you don’t have a location near you, you can exchange the gift cards and turn them into cash!

There are tons of Coinstar kiosks around. Find one near you!IMG_5721.JPG


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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