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I am one of the most forgetful and klutzy people on the planet. Before I had kids, I could remember where my husband put something a week prior. But now I can’t remember how to tie my shoes. So I leave my phone laying around a lot. We have to go back to the house at least once for something I forgot. Now that my phone has slimmed down in size it falls into the cracks of the couch or gets buried in the sand at the beach on vacation.

I didn’t realize how much people “go through” phones. Especially on the holidays. I remember a few years ago I had an iPhone 3G. This was back when iPhones didn’t have insurance coverage other than Applecare. I was listening to music in the bathroom and I set my phone down on the side. I even thought to myself that it was a bad idea but I did it anyways. My dog came racing into the room and in slow motion he jump up to the side right where my phone was siting and knocked it into to the tub. There was even one of those catch and fumbles between my two hands before it slide between my fingers and was lost under the bubbles.

wpid-IMAG0755.jpgI’m guilty of not having insurance on my iPhone now. I invested in a waterproof case though. Still it doesn’t protect against it being stolen. Which is the one thing I’ve had happen the most. I once had a phone stolen off the back of my car. I set it down to dig through my book bag and someone swiped it right off the car! Can you believe that? But Asurion replaced it immediately and saved the day.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I lost a cell phone once – I left it at the store and no one returned it. Nice. It was a HUGE hassle to get it replaced. This sounds like nice insurance!

  2. Luckily none of us has every lost one of our phones for good, but many have been temporarily lost and then found. We have never bought insurance yet, but who knows.

  3. I am guilty of not having insurance on my iphone as well. I have thankfully not lost my phone yet but should probably add insurance just in case.


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