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All hail the early risers! They get up each morning and conquer the day like no other. One of my friends is an early riser and I ask her all the time if she would just like to sleep in one day but I don’t think she is capable. I will say that I am far more productive in the morning than I am in the afternoons or evenings. After I have my morning coffee, it’s on!

This past week has been crazy because we’ve been getting ready for our trip to Florida. So busy that we’ve been skipping breakfast at home for breakfast on the run. I’ve been popping into RaceTrace to grab whatever for breakfast. Whether I’m craving bacon or fruit, there are a ton of options to fit your cravings. To keep myself on track, I’ve been grabbing and going at my local RaceTrac to get a quick breakfast while I run the kids to school and run errands around town before our trip.I know that my staple is a dark roast Crazy Good Coffee. RaceTrace has new new coffee machines coming in 2018 that will allow guest to be their own barista and watch the coffee beans grind right before your eyes before brewing into your cup. I also love the amount of creamers and choices there are to customize your coffee even further. In the mood to mix up your breakfast routine? Want pizza for breakfast? Or maybe a burrito? You can get whatever for breakfast because there are lots to choose from in the early morning, it’s not just breakfast foods. But if you want a great breakfast choice I suggest the buttery croissant sandwiches. If you’re looking for something lighter, RaceTrac has you covered on that as well. There are fruit cups and great new salads to try as well. The Greek style salad is one of my favorites. I won’t tell if you like a little splurge ever now and then though. I know we do. When I was younger, we used to go on road trips to Georgia all the time and we would leave really early in the morning. We always stopped to get coffee and a donut to kick off the trip. The only difference now is that I’m the one getting coffee and the kids are the ones getting the donuts. 


Are you an early riser? 

Enter to win a $50 RaceTrac gift card to try all the great option RaceTrace has to offer. 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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