Easy Toddler Lunches with Applegate Half Time #LunchingAwesome

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Sometime the morning escapes me. I don’t realize it until my little one tells me that she’s hungry and look at the clock to see that it’s 1pm already. So we have been getting these awesome Applegate Halftime lunch boxes because they are filled with our favorite foods from Applegate, Annie’s Homegrown and Stonyfield.Applegate Halftime


These are all products we eat in our house already but when I’m running around of need to pack a quick and easy lunch for the girls this is what I go for. Unlike other quick lunches I love the Applegate Half Time box because of the organic and all natural products inside. You just can’t find quick lunches that aren’t packed with hormones, artificial flavors and preservatives until now.

A recent survey found that 88% of parents thought pre-packed lunch kits were convenient, but 79% of those parents were concerned about the nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients in those kits.


Plus, my toddler LOVES them. Her favorite is the roasted turkey. She makes a tower of the crackers, meat and cheese and when it falls, cheers triumphantly. But don’t take my word for it! Go try them.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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