Easy Way to Hide Wall Mounted TV Cords

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Wall mounted TV’s are great for reducing the amount of furniture you have in your house and creating an entertainment area for your family, but sometimes all the cords can be a hassle. We have two TV’s in our home and they are both wall mounted. One hangs over the Fireplace and the other we installed in our bedroom. But I didn’t want to see all the cords that go with the TV so I used the Legrand In-Wall Kit from Best Buy to hide my cords easily. 

The kit comes with everything you need to place the power for the TV and any additional cords like HDMI cords to a Blu-ray player or cable box into the wall so that they aren’t hanging down in view. It even has the saw tip to drill through the drywall. It’s handy to have everything you need right in the box. 

  • Power grommets
  • 54″ power harness
  • 6′ power cord
  • Fish tape
  • Hole saw
  • Hole saw handle

My husband started by hanging our TV mount on the wall and then marking where we needed to drill the holes. It’s important to read the user guide and get a stud finder to make sure you don’t drill through an electrical cord, pipe, or stud. 

The saw bit is the perfect size for the power outlets to go. Then you can use the fish tape to pull the power cord through the wall. We discovered that the wall we were working on didn’t have any insulation in it so we were able to easily pull the cords through. This is the step that you’ll want to pull any HDMI, additional power cords, and the like through the wall. There is a spot in the outlet specifically for these cords to go and it has a rubber slot so that they won’t accidentally fall through the slot into the wall. For our slot, we plugged in the TV and put the power cord to our Roku through the wall. We have it mounted on the back of our TV. I then used a twist tie to gather all of the cords behind the TV and to make sure any excess wasn’t hanging out from underneath. I don’t have a piece of furniture under our TV in the bedroom but it’s nice to have a clean wall. I’ve been looking for a smaller dresser to put on this wall. You can see the exit for the outlet is right next to the original power source. This kit was really easy to install and the fact that it comes with everything you will need 

Check out the video to see how easy it is to use the Legrand In-Wall Kit and pick yours up at Best Buy!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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